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Arad Airport, [Arad International Airport Airport], RO
Baia Mare Airport, [Tautii Magheraus Airport], RO
Bucharest Airport, [Baneasa Airport], RO
Bucharest Airport, [Otopeni Airport], RO
Caransebes Airport, RO
Cluj-Napoca Airport, [Someseni Airport], RO
Constanta Airport, [Mihail Kogainiceanu Airport], RO
Iasi Airport, RO
Oradea Airport, RO
Satu Mare Airport, RO
Sibiu Airport, RO
Suceava Airport, [Salcea Airport], RO
Timisoara Airport, [Giarmata Airport], RO
Targu-Mures Airport, [Transilvania Targu-Mures Airport], RO

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