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Alor Island Airport, ID
Ambon Airport, [Pattimura Airport], ID
Atambua Airport, ID
Ayawasi Airport, ID
Babo Airport, ID
Bade Airport, ID
Bajawa Airport, ID
Balikpapan Airport, [Sepinggan Airport], ID
Banda Aceh Airport, [Sultan Iskandarmuda Airport], ID
Bandar Lampung Airport, [Branti (Radin Inten Li) Airport], ID
Bandung Airport, ID
Banjarmarsin Airport, [Syamsudin Noor Airport], ID
Batom Airport, ID
Batam Airport, [Hang Nadim Airport], ID
Baubau Airport, ID
Bengkulu Airport, [Padang Kemiling Airport], ID
Tanjung Redep Airport, [Kalimaru Airport], ID
Biak Airport, [Frans Kaisiepo Airport], ID
Bima Airport, ID
Bintuni Airport, ID
Bokondini Airport, ID
Buol Airport, ID
Cilacap Airport, [Tunggul Wulung Airport], ID
Cirebon Airport, [Penggung Airport], ID
Datadawai Airport, ID
Denpasar Airport, [Ngurah Rai - Bali International Airport Airport], ID
Dili Airport, [Presidente Nicolau Lobato International (ex-Komoro) Airport Airport], ID
Dumai Airport, [Pinang Kampai Airport], ID
Enarotali Airport, ID
Ende Airport, [H Hasan Aroeboesman (IPI) Airport], ID
Fak Fak Airport, ID
Galela Airport, ID
Gebe Airport, ID
Gorontalo Airport, [Jalaluddin Airport], ID
Illaga Airport, ID
Ilu Airport, ID
Inanwatan Airport, ID
Jakarta Airport, [Halim Perdanakusuma International Airport Airport], ID
Jakarta Airport, [Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Airport], ID
Jambi Airport, ID
Djayapura Airport, [Sentani Airport], ID
Kaimana Airport, ID
Kambuaya Airport, ID
Kao Airport, ID
Kebar Airport, ID
Keisah Airport, ID
Kelila Airport, ID
Kendari Airport, [Wolter Monginsidi Airport], ID
Ketapang Airport, ID
Kimam Airport, ID
Kupang Airport, [Eltari Airport], ID
Labuan Bajo Airport, [Mutiara Airport], ID
Larantuka Airport, [Gewayenta Airport], ID
Lereh Airport, ID
Lewoleba Airport, ID
Long Apung Airport, ID
Long Bawan Airport, ID
Luwuk Airport, [Bubung Airport], ID
Maliana Airport, ID
Manado Airport, [Sam Ratulangi Airport], ID
Mangole Airport, ID
Manokwari Airport, [Rendani Airport], ID
Mataram Airport, [Selaparang Airport], ID
Medan Airport, [Polonia Airport], ID
Melangguane Airport, ID
Merauke Airport, [Mopah Airport], ID
Merdey Airport, ID
Mindiptana Airport, ID
Moanamani Airport, ID
Pitu Airport, ID
Mulia Airport, ID
Muting Airport, ID
Nabire Airport, ID
Numfoor Airport, [Kornasoren Airport], ID
Obano Airport, ID
Ocussi Airport, ID
Okaba Airport, ID
Oksibil Airport, ID
Padang Airport, [Tabing Airport], ID
Palangkaraya Airport, [Tjilik Riwut Airport], ID
Palembang Airport, [Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Airport], ID
Palu Airport, [Mutiara Airport], ID
Pangkalpinang Airport, ID
Pangkalanbuun Airport, [Iskandar Airport], ID
Pekanbaru Airport, [Sultan Syarif Kasim II (Simpang Tiga) Airport], ID
Pomala Airport, ID
Pontianak Airport, [Supadio Airport], ID
Poso Airport, ID
Rengat Airport, [Japura Airport], ID
Baa Airport, ID
Ruteng Airport, [Satar Tacik Airport], ID
Samarinda Airport, [Temindung Airport], ID
Sarmi Airport, ID
Sawu Airport, ID
Semarang Airport, [Achmadyani Airport], ID
Senggeh Airport, ID
Serui Airport, ID
Singkep Airport, [Dabo Airport], ID
Solo City Airport, [Adi Sumarmo Wiryokusumo Airport], ID
Sorong Airport, [Jefman Airport], ID
Sumbawa Besar Airport, [Brang Bidji Airport], ID
Surabaya Airport, [Juanda Airport], ID
Tambolaka Airport, ID
Tana Toraja Airport, [Pongtiku Airport], ID
Tanahmerah Airport, ID
Tanjung Pandan Airport, [Buluh Tumbang Airport], ID
Tanjung Pinang Airport, [Kijang Airport], ID
Tanjung Selor Airport, [Tanjung Harapan (Gunung Sekip) Airport], ID
Tarakan Airport, [Juwata Airport], ID
Timika Airport, [Moses Kilangin (Tembagapura) Airport], ID
Teminabuan Airport, ID
Ternate Airport, [Babullah Airport], ID
Tiom Airport, ID
Tolitoli Airport, ID
Ujung Pandang Airport, [Hasanuddin Airport], ID
Wagethe Airport, ID
Waingapu Airport, ID
Wamena Airport, ID
Yogyakarta Airport, [Adisucipto Airport], ID

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