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Acandi Airport, CO
Apartado Airport, CO
Araracuara Airport, CO
Arauca Airport, [Santiago Pérez Airport], CO
Armenia Airport, [El Edén Airport], CO
Bahía Solano Airport, [José Celestino Mutis Airport], CO
Barrancabermeja Airport, [Yariguies Airport], CO
Barrancominas Airport, CO
Barranquilla Airport, [Ernesto Cortissoz Airport], CO
Bogatá Airport, [Eldorado International Airport Airport], CO
Bucaramanga Airport, [Palonegro Airport], CO
Buenaventura Airport, [Gerardo Tobar López Airport], CO
Cali Airport, [Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International Airport Airport], CO
Candilejas Airport, CO
Capurgana Airport, CO
Caquetania Airport, CO
Carimagua Airport, CO
Cartagena de Indias Airport, [Rafael Núñez Airport], CO
Caucasia Airport, CO
Chigorodó Airport, CO
Cimitarra Airport, CO
Condoto Airport, [Mandinga Airport], CO
Corozal Airport, [Las Brujas Airport], CO
Cravo Norte Airport, CO
Cúcuta Airport, [Camilo Daza Airport], CO
El Bagre Airport, CO
El Banco Airport, [Las Flores Airport], CO
El Recreo Airport, CO
El Yopal Airport, CO
Florencia Airport, [Gustavo Artunduaga Paredes Airport], CO
Guacamaya Airport, CO
Guapi Airport, CO
Ibagué Airport, [Perales Airport], CO
Ipiales Airport, [San Luis Airport], CO
La Chorrera Airport, CO
Lamacarena Airport, CO
La Pedrera Airport, CO
La Primavera Airport, CO
Leguizamo Airport, CO
Leticia Airport, [General Alfredo Vásquez Cobo Airport], CO
Lopez de Micay Airport, CO
Manizales Airport, [La Nubia (Santaguida) Airport], CO
Mitú Airport, [Fabio Alberto León Bentley Airport], CO
Garzón Airport, [La Jagua Airport], CO
Mompus Airport, [Cicuco Airport], CO
Monteria Airport, [Los Garzones Airport], CO
Puerto Nare Airport, CO
Necocli Airport, CO
Neiva Airport, [Benito Salas Airport], CO
Nuqui Airport, CO
Ocaña Airport, [Aguas Claras Airport], CO
Orocue Airport, CO
Remedios Airport, [Otú Airport], CO
Paz de Ariporo Airport, [Casanare Airport], CO
Pereira Airport, [Matecaña Airport], CO
Popayán Airport, [Guillermo León Valencia Airport], CO
Providencia Airport, [El Embrujo Airport], CO
Puerto Asis Airport, [Tres de Mayo Airport], CO
Puerto Berrio Airport, CO
Puerto Carreño Airport, CO
Puerto Inirida Airport, [Obando Airport], CO
Quibdo Airport, [El Caraño Airport], CO
Rio Negro Airport, [José María Cordova Airport], CO
Rio Hacha Airport, [Almirante Padilla Airport], CO
Rondon Airport, CO
San Andrés Island Airport, [Gustavo Rojas Pinilla Airport], CO
San José del Guaviare Airport, [Jorge E. Gonzalez Torres Airport], CO
San Vicente del Caguán Airport, [Eduardo Falla Solano Airport], CO
Santa Marta Airport, [Simón Bolívar Airport], CO
Santana Ramos Airport, CO
Saravena Airport, CO
Solano Airport, CO
Tame Airport, CO
Trinidad Airport, CO
Tumaco Airport, [La Florida Airport], CO
Turbo Airport, [Gonzalo Mejía Airport], CO
Urrao Airport, CO
Valledupar Airport, [Alfonso López Pumarejo Airport], CO
Villavicencio Airport, [Vanguardia Airport], CO
San Vicente del Caguán Airport, [Yaguara Airport], CO

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