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Altamira Airport, BR
Aracaju Airport, [Santa Maria Airport], BR
Aracatuba Airport, BR
Araguaina Airport, BR
Arapiraca Airport, BR
Barra do Garcas Airport, BR
Barreiras Airport, BR
Bauru Airport, BR
Belem Airport, [Val de Caes Airport], BR
Belmonte Airport, BR
Belo Horizonte Airport, [Pampulha International Airport Airport], BR
Belo Horizonte Airport, [Tancredo Neves International Airport Airport], BR
Boa Vista Airport, BR
Bom Jesus da Lapa Airport, BR
Brasilia Airport, [Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport Airport], BR
Campina Grande Airport, [Joao Suassuna Airport], BR
Campinas Airport, [Viracopos International Airport Airport], BR
São Paulo/Campinas Airport, [Viracopos Airport], BR
Campo Grande Airport, BR
Campos Dos Goitacazes Airport, [Bartolomeu Lisandro Airport], BR
Caravelas Airport, BR
Cascavel Airport, BR
Chapeco Airport, BR
Criciuma Airport, [Forquilhinha Airport], BR
Conceicao do Araguaia Airport, BR
Confreza Airport, BR
Corumba Airport, [Corumba International Airport Airport], BR
Carajas Airport, BR
Cruzeiro do Sul Airport, BR
Cuiaba Airport, [Marechal Rondon Airport], BR
Curitiba Airport, [Afonso Pena International Airport Airport], BR
Dourados Airport, BR
Fernando de Noronha Airport, BR
Florianopolis Airport, [Hercilio Luz Airport], BR
Fortaleza Airport, [Pinto Martins International Airport Airport], BR
Franca Airport, BR
Goiania Airport, [Santa Genoveva Airport], BR
Governador Valadares Airport, BR
Guanambi Airport, BR
Gurupi Airport, BR
Iguaçu Falls Airport, [Cataratas International Airport Airport], BR
Ilheus Airport, BR
Imperatriz Airport, BR
Ipatinga/Santana Do Paraiso Airport, [Usiminas Airport], BR
Santo Antônio do Içá Airport, [Ipiranga Airport], BR
Joao Pessoa Airport, [Presidente Castro Pinto Airport], BR
Joinville Airport, BR
Juazeiro do Norte Airport, [Regional do Cariri Airport], BR
Juiz de Fora Airport, [Francisco de Assis Airport], BR
Lages Airport, BR
Lins Airport, BR
Santana do Livramento Airport, [Dos Galpoes Airport], BR
Londrina Airport, BR
Macapa Airport, BR
Maceió Airport, [Zumbi dos Palmares Airport], BR
Manaus Airport, [Eduardo Gomes International Airport Airport], BR
Maraba Airport, BR
Maringa Airport, [Aeroporto Regional de Maringa Airport], BR
Marilia Airport, BR
Miracema do Norte Airport, BR
Montes Claros Airport, BR
Natal Airport, [Augusto Severo Airport], BR
Navegantes Airport, [Ministro Victor Konder International Airport Airport], BR
Ourinhos Airport, BR
Passo Fundo Airport, [Lauro Kurtz Airport], BR
Paulo Afonso Airport, BR
Pelotas Airport, BR
Petrolina Airport, BR
Pocos de Caldas Airport, BR
Ponta Pora Airport, BR
Porto Alegre Airport, [Salgado Filho Airport], BR
Porto Nacional Airport, BR
Porto Seguro Airport, BR
Porto Velho Airport, [Governador Jorge Teixeira de Oliveira Airport], BR
Presidente Prudente Airport, [A. De Barros Airport], BR
Recife Airport, [Guararapes Airport], BR
Redencao Airport, BR
Riberao Preto Airport, [Leite Lopes Airport], BR
Rio Branco Airport, [Presidente Medici Airport], BR
Rio de Janeiro Airport, [Aeroporto Internacional Galeao Airport], BR
Rio de Janeiro Airport, [Aeroporto Santos Dumont Airport], BR
Rio Grande Airport, BR
Rondonopolis Airport, BR
Salvador Airport, [Deputado Luis Eduardo Magalhaes Airport], BR
São José do Rio Preto Airport, BR
São José dos Campos Airport, BR
Santa Maria Airport, BR
Santa Terezinha Airport, [Confresa Airport], BR
Santana do Araguaia Airport, [Campo Alegre Airport], BR
Santarem Airport, BR
Santo Angelo Airport, BR
São Felix do Araguaia Airport, BR
São Luis Airport, [Marechal Cunha Machado Airport], BR
São Paulo Airport, [Aeroporto de Congonhas Airport], BR
São Paulo Airport, [Aeroporto Internacional Guarulhos Airport], BR
Tabatinga Airport, BR
Tefe Airport, BR
Teofilo Otoni Airport, [Juscelino Kubitscheck Airport], BR
Teresina Airport, [Senador Petronio Portella Airport], BR
Porto Trombetas Airport, BR
Tucuma Airport, BR
Tucurui Airport, BR
Uberaba Airport, BR
Uberlandia Airport, BR
Urubupunga Airport, [Ernesto Pochler Airport], BR
Uruguaiana Airport, [Rubem Berta Airport], BR
Varginha Airport, [Major Brigadeiro Trompowsky Airport], BR
Vitoria da Conquista Airport, BR
Vilhena Airport, BR
Vitoria Airport, [Goiabeiras Airport], BR

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